Logo Design | Branding

lo·go: also called logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

brand·ing: the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a service or product from other services or products.

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Your company logo/brand is one of the most important visual decisions you have to make as business owner. Your logo creates trust and familiarity with your customers. It needs to make you stand out. Your logo should visually articulate who and what your business stands for.

Susan Searway Art & Design has years of experience working with start-up companies, small to medium sized businesses (some who never developed a brand), and companies that have been around for years and need a logo redesign for their company look and feel. Susan will take you through font choices, design options, icons, create custom bitmap icons, and/or use of photographs to get a strong logo design that represents your company. From there we will implement your new logo into all of your marketing materials and identity package such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads, signage etc. You and your customers will feel confident in with your new brand.

Perotti & Carrade | Certified Public Accountants | Company Rebrand
Perotti and Carrade is a full-service accounting firm serving clients in every county of the San Francisco Bay Area, in many other parts of California and throughout the country, dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

Perotti & Carrade | CertifiedPublic Accountants: 2019 Logo Redesign

Tonton Paintings | Artist | Antonia Vorster
Antonia Vorster has immersed herself into her art, discovering new techniques and mediums as Tonton Paintings. The leaf of the Ginkgo tree has always been magical to Antonia…it’s shape, its’ brilliant yellow-gold color in the fall, inspiriting artists of meany centuries, and its ability to thrive as a tree species for over 270 million years. Because the leaf’s importance to Antonia we have incorporated it’s shape into Tonton Painting’s logo and insert her painting on the interior of the leaf.

Tonton Paintings Artist Antonia Vorster Logo Design

Hidden Chianti | Let Chianti Touch Your Heart | Travel
Hidden Chianti was a travel agency inspiriting people to discover Chianti and have it touch your heart. Below are their logo, ad samples, business cards, and letterhead.

Hidden Chianti Italy Travel logo tag brand

Engel Geist | Psychic Reading Energetic Healing
This logo design and brand was an experience for me to create something artistic completely from scratch. I researched a lot of angel wing motifs and came up with this design. My client was really wanted to have the wings create a heart shape in the middle. I believe this brand turned out perfectly. We also used one of my photographs to pair with the vector art in his other marketing pieces.

Engel Geist logo vecrtor art

1741 | Workshop Theater Production of a New Musical
1741 was a new musical production dealing with the issues of slavery, love, and a time for change.

1741 Theater Production Logo

BayQuest | Bay Model Association | San Francisco Bay Educational Program
BayQuest was an environmental educational program presented by the nonprofit Bay Model Association. The program focused on taking students out of the San Francisco Bay and Delta for hands on educational experiences. In developing the program logo we incorporated a bitmap version of the SF Bay and Delta into the center of the compass. The SF Bay also pays note to the Bay Model Association logo at that time.

BayQuest  Logo Design for Bay Model Association San Francisco Bay Program

True Colors Painting & Decorating, Inc.
True Colors Painting & Decorating, Inc. is a full service painting company specializing in quality interior and exterior work in Novato. We decided to use a color wheel into their logo because finding and picking the right color for each project is a key part of their business.

True Colors Painting & Decorating, Inc.

Marin Professional Women’s Network | MPWN | Redesign Organization Logo
Marin Professional Women’s Network was co-founded over 30 years ago – women business professionals dedicated to supporting, improving, and growing each other’s business. Susan Searway Art & Design helped the group redesigned the organization’s logo in 2012.

Marin Professional Women's Network Redesign Rebrand Logo

JC Williams Group
Provides a wide variety of services such as Silver Sexy Strong, HR Biz Partners, World View Coaching, and RWL Success to name a few.

Silver Sexy Strong Logo
worldview coaching
HR Bix Partners Logo and Tag Line
RWL Success Logo Design Marin Brand Specialist

Pet Career Coach | Create Your Own Pet Care Business
Creating this beagle dog in bitmap form was a lot of fun. I love animals and to be able to work on projects that benefit them and their owners is a real honor.

pet career coach header

SeaQuest | Seamen’s Training Center | Environmental Education Program
SeaQuest was an environmental educational program presented by the Seamen’s Training Center. The program focused on taking students out of the San Francisco Bay and Delta for hands-on educational experiences. We decided to have the font and a compass symbol be the the program’s logo.

Seaquest Environmental Education Program Logo logo

Work Readiness Certificate | Marin County Office of Education
As some of you might imagine a graphic designer works on a variety of different projects. Logo Designs are one of many things I create for companies, events, and programs.

The Marin County Office of Education started a program called the Work Readiness Certificate to encourage high school students to get involved in the business world, develop work skills, give them a great hands on experience and an opportunity to add something unique to their resumes. But they had no logo for promote and advertise their program. Below is the logo I designed for them. It focuses on mentorship and if you tell there are two people per profession – the mentor and the mentored.

I also recently just finalized a brochure for them and will hopefully be working on a poster and other marketing materials to inform the community about this wonderful program.

Work Readiness Logo

Sonoma Secret Gardens
Have an amazing wedding, event, or party at Sonoma Secret Gardens located off the downtown Sonoma Square.

Sonoma Secret Gardens Logo

Night Sky Casting
Night Sky Casting was an agency developed to connect actors and actresses with the right project.

Night Sky Casting Bay Area Logo Design

Community Concert Series
Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda is one of a couple of organizations that I provide pro-bono design work for. They are starting a new music series for the community to enjoy. It is called CPC Community Concert Series. Below is the logo I designed for them integrating one of their logos on the piano and I added a couple different instruments because different groups will be performing – bands, string groups, vocals, piano solos, and many more groups.

Community Concert Series

Cynthia Nowicki Moore | Wealth Management & Financial Planing
Cynthia Nowicki Moore offers securities and advisory services through Royal Alliance Associates. Her logo icon is comprised of her initials. The selection of the correct font for each project, especially a business’s logo, is extremely important. Susan Searway Art & Design like to work with her client’s with font test examples so that we select fonts that are unique but legible.

Cynthia Nowicki Moore Financial Planner logo branding
Cynthia Nowicki Moore Financial Planner Website Banner

Bay Model Association | Explore Engage Educate
The icon for the Bay Model Association was created by another designer but Susan Searway Art & Design developed a new tag line the nonprofit as well as created new placement with font and icon.

Bay Model Association Explore Engage Educate Logo

Research Scholarship Creative Club | Dominican University of California
We used colors of the Dominican University of California into this new club logo.

Research Scholarship Creative Club

Sonoma Academy of Dance & Arts
Sonoma Academy of Dance & Arts (SADA) was founded by Sarah Duran LeVine in 2005. Sarah started that year with a full dance program and a handful of performing arts summer camps. Sonoma Academy of Dance & Arts used a Persona digital art composition in their initial logo design. Susan Searway Art & Design also helped with the selection of font and placement of the text around the dancers.

Sonoma Academy of Dance & Arts Logo

Dynamic Rabbits | Cross Country Running Team
Dynamic Rabbits was a running group located in Agoura Hills for middle school and high school members. The coach and owner wanted to incorporate a rabbit and runners into their logo.

Dynamic Rabbits

Revknits was created by Renee who is a Reverend who knits. Revknits intertwining faith and life seen through the stitches we make. Her logo is developed by a 3 circle labyrinth pattern that also represents yarn and knitting needles.

Revknits Marin Branding

Eco-Image was actually a logo design project at Dominican University of California. It is an example of using shape, line, color, and font to create a strong logo icon.

Eco-Image Marin Branding & Logo Designer

Golden Gate Discovery Voyage | Marine Science Discovery Program
Golden Gate Discovery Voyage was another environmental educational program presented by the the Marine Science Discovery Program. As you can see we have the icons of the San Francisco Bay and Delta, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin Headlands.

Golden Gate Discovery Voyage Logo Design for Marine Science Discovery Program