ad·ver·tise·ment: a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, event or publication.

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Ads are used for a variety of purposes in both print and online world. Below is a graphic design portfolio of Susan Searway Art & Design work. Some of these advertisements were used in newspapers, magazines, publications, online ads, or were simply used as marketing materials to describe their businesses, products, services, or provide information to the public like an infographic.

Art Works Downtown| Art Exhibitions
Art exhibition advertisements used both for website and ecard email campaign.

Art Works Downtown art exhibition ecard email campaign for solo exhibition What It Feels Like for a Girl by Serena Cole
Art exhibition advertisements for ecard email campaign.
Art Works Downtown art exhibition ecard email campaign for solo exhibition What It Feels Like for a Girl by Serena Cole
Art exhibition ad for website banner
Art Works Downtown art exhibition ecard email campaign for Ceramic Sensibilities
Ceramic Sensibilities art exhibit ad for ecard email campaign.

Katie Chase | State Farm Insurance Agent
This ad highlights each employee of Katie Chase, State Farm Insurance, Novato, CA branch. It gives potential clients information about who they will be working with when they hire Team Katie for their insurance needs.

Katie Chase State Farm Insurance Agent Ad

Blackstone Technology Group
Blackstone Technology Group implements innovative IT and business process solutions that help our clients address industry challenges, achieve cost containment, and transform their business models within their respective commercial and public service marketplaces. This infographic was designed to highlight facts about mobile banking.

Blackstone Technology Group infographic

Tonton Painting | Antonia Vorster | Artist
The below advertisement was used by the artist to highlight her newest oil paintings in magazines, catalogues, papers, open studios, etc.

Tonton Painting, Antonia Vorster Ad

SmartFeed is the parents’​ trusted platform to curate, deliver, manage and connect to their kids’​ digital media – across all content and devices. This ad was used to highlight their Kick Starter campaign.

Smartfeed Online Advertisement

Engel Geist
Susan Searway Art & Design works with a lot of start-up companies. Daniel Geist decided to start his new business and hired Susan Searway Art & Design as his graphic designer to create his brand for his small business. Projects included logo design, advertisements like the design below, business cards, an emailer campaign template, his website, and his social media cover images for Facebook, etc.

Bay Model Visitor Center
The Bay Model Visitor Center provides a wide variety of educational programs each month. To highlight their environmental educational programs and advertise them to the community newspaper advertisements are purchased to inform the community. These layouts are full page ads in to be published in 94965 Publication.

94965 newspaper ad Marin graphic designer
94965 newspaper ad Marin graphic designer

Hidden Chianti  | Let Chianti Touch Your Heart | Travel
This ad was used for a variety of printed travel marketing materials.

Hidden Chianti graphic design ad

This greyscale ad was used in magazines and newspapers to highlight the construction benefits of the Horse Lake Wind Project. I love working for groups that focus on the environment.

Horse Lake Wind Project Ad print design

Catalyst | Terrie Burns
These designs were used as advertisements for speaking and networking events highlighting information about Terrie, her services, and how she works.

“Susan is an amazing designer and marketer. She’s creative and will be completely on top of it for you!” ~ Terrie Burns

Catalyst  Terrie Burns Poster Advertisement
Catalyst Terrie Burns Poster Advertisement

Art Works Downtown
These below some ads print Marin Independent Journal highlighting upcoming fundraiser events, holiday open studios, and the 2nd Friday Art Walk.

Art Works Downtown Print Ad MarinIJ
art works downtown print ad
Art Works Downtown Newspaper Ad Marin IJ 2020 Full Page Ad
Art Works Downtown fundraiser Print Ad MarinIJ

Nuheara is a global leader in smart earbuds and personal hearing devices which change people’s lives by enhancing the power to hear. These images needed some Photoshop work to add their product, earbuds, into the images. A fun project to work on.

Nuheara Pretty blond woman daydreaming
Nuheara running in gym